Ensemble E-Do


This second show for the  K-Music 2018 festival, produced by the Korean Cultural Centre and Serious. Ensemble E-Do performed at Rich Mix. Atmospheric projections accompanied the musicians as they performed. We were tasked to document the show and what people’s experiences.

The rhythm-heavy ensemble of E-DO is led by Kyung-Hwa Yu, one of the most acclaimed artists in Korea. Not only does the sextet employ traditional Korean instruments, such as the chulhyungeum, janggu and daegeum, but double bass and acoustic guitar play alongside, the sound finished by soaring pansori vocals.


Rich Mix has a gallery so we were able to get a shot looking down onto the performance. This was a benefit for filming as the stalls was busy with seated and standing audience. A series of photographs were also captured and previously a trailer for the event had been created using preexisting footage.


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