The Art Of The Brick: DC Super Heroes

The Art Of The Brick: DC Super Heroes is the latest offering from the LEGO® artist Nathan Sawaya, this contemporary art exhibition uses nearly 2,000,000 bricks to create large-scale sculptures of the most enduring Super Heroes and Super Villains: from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, to The Joker and Harley Quinn.

I personally loved some of the ideas that went along with some of the pieces – asking the viewer what is it to be a ‘hero.’

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A highlight for me was Superman flying around to push against his own cape which has become a wall.

An idea previously explored in Nathan Sawaya’s original exhibition, the Art of the Brick when it came to London in 2014 where he explored more ideas dedicated to the human condition. Here are some more highlights from then…

Art of the Brick: Lego exhibition at London’s Old Truman Brewery, 2014

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