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Queen Beats – Party


Queen Beats are a professional function band made up of music-loving ladies dedicated to providing the ultimate entertainment for an event. They had already recorded audio and a mix in place and needed some visuals to showcase their music and style.


Working closely with Queen Beats, we researched the type of look they were after and commenced pre-production. A site visit to the chosen venue, the the Water Rats was arranged to check the atmosphere, technical setup and meet the venue manager. Hair and make up, costumes, props and extra lighting was organised to dress the set.

Shoot day went as follows – All the performers were made up and the set was dressed. camera and lighting tests were taken. A two camera interview with Karen Saunders – the Lead Vocal was first followed by the performance setups. Playing through the track, wides, close ups and mids were captures of the band as a whole and then each individual player. Finally all the specific shots where composed such as the end shot in the mirror. Photographs were taken throughout the shoot.


Good responses from all members of the creative team and the resulting video and photographs are being used on Queen Beats’s website and their social media feeds. They will be also archived for future digital and printed marketing.

Lead Vocal – Karen Saunders
Guitar & BVs – Isabel Lysell
Keys & BVs – Florence Sabeva
Bass & BVs – Alex Malseed
Drums & BVs – Lauren O’Donnell Anderson
Saxophone – Katherine Martin
Trumpet – Gemma Buckenham
Trombone – Steph Shore

Video Production and Editing – TODDCS
Sound Engineer – Olli Daffarn, Blue Dot Studios
Hair and Make up – Grace Hayward
Hair and Make up – Megan Lucy Beauty
Filmed at The Water Rats

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