Content Creation – Working Practices and Rates


Filming and photography can be used extremely effectively way as an entertaining and informative means to deliver a message to an audience. Each piece of work that we undertake is bespoke to our client’s needs but for every project, there is a way of working that keeps everybody informed and happy. Here is our tried and tested method;

Pre Production

1. Project Proposal

This is a document shared with the client which establishes what they want to achieve as an outcome from working with us. Details are shared and a plan can be formed.

2. Contract

Once this plan is agreed, a contract can be created. Two copies are printed and signed for both companies’ records

3. Deposit

An invoice for the agreed deposit is issued to the client. This is payable in advance of project commencement, via BACS transfer.

4. Planning

A shooting plan / storyboards (based on the agreed contract created by TODDCS.) Any specific equipment is hired and organised including any additional production crew.


Keeping to the previously considered plan affords us time for when situations change. We can adapt quickly and make sure that every shot is covered and will include time for contingency. Any hired equipment and crew will be managed to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot.

Post Production

5. The Editing Procedure;
a) Captured content will be uploaded, edited and composited, based on the agreed style of the client.

b) All shots will be colour graded and matched to be consistent within the piece. Any audio will be leveled and cleaned as necessary.

c) Agreed title sequences, credits and graphics including logos will be collated and then applied as necessary.

d) The finished video /series of photographs will be encoded to an agreed format and shared with the client for review.

e) One cycle of changes to the sequence is included, the scope of which will be mutually agreed. The sequence will then be re-edited and re-encoded for approval by the client.

f) The final content will be uploaded to the required format.

6. Balance
Once the client is happy, we will send the final invoice for the remainder of the payment.

7. Social Sharing and Blog Post
After the project is complete, an article is written which will include an agreed sample of the created content and shared on the TODDCS blog and social feeds, linking in the client as appropriate.

8. Feedback

We hope that every job that we complete leads to a successful relationship and future collaborations with a client.

General Rates

Each project has its own criteria – These are some questions which are clarified in the initial project proposal where we collaborate with the client and find out what the project entails. Below is a general guideline for our day rates.

Pre Production

  • Preparation for a project including location scouting / storyboarding / logistics of equipment hire and delivery starts at £500.00

Video Production Rates (London based)

Camera model would be specific to the job. All associated equipment such as lenses, audio and stabilisation will be provided. (Raw footage only – no edit.)

  • To film one hour of footage plus one crew member at HD 1080p using DSLR equipment starts at £1000.00
  • To film one hour of footage plus one crew member at HD 1080p using broadcast quality equipment starts at £1600.00 (Details of required formats to be clarified with the client.)
  • Filming two angles using DSLR equipment LIVE on Facebook or YouTube (including pre-edited titles, credits and on-screen graphics. Live cutting between the wide and the closeup) starts at £2500.00
  • Audio only recording plus sound technician. Ability to record up to four speakers at a time for a one hour session. Starts at £800.00

Video Post Production Rates

  • Editing pre-existing video footage (1080p) / Editing and retouching still images, addition of logos / text to footage starts at £800.00

Photography Shoot and Post Production Rates (London based)

  • Location shoot for half a day and edit for half a day. Includes all equipment and post-production on 50 – 100 images. Delivered in two different looks i.e colour and black and white) starts at £600.00

Average Production Schedule

Pre Production day(s)
Production / Shoot Day(s)
Post Production Edit of footage including one round of client changes.

Company Contacts

Video and photography projects

Finance queries

Business to business projects

Previous Clients

Our work is used to document and advertise and we have created on-going relationships with clients ranging from corporate companies and charities to independent artists. The content TODDCS produces has been featured as promotional material on websites, portfolios, videos and also broadcast on MTV and BBC Big Screens for London 2012. We hope we can add you to this list.