Black String – K-Music 2019

The Concept

Black String burst on to the scene eight years ago bringing the ancient and modern into creative fusion. In 2019 they performed at the Southbank with the EFG London Jazz Festival and K-Music. We filmed interviews with the artists, the performance from multiple angles, and audience reactions after the show.

The band brings together East and West, with Yoon Jeong Heo on geomungo, (zither-like stringed instrument with bridges and frets), Aram Lee on daegeum (large bamboo transverse flute) and yanggeum (hammered dulcimer-like metal stringed instrument), Jean Oh on guitar and electronics and Min Wang Hwang on vocals and percussion to offer a fresh, new sound to audiences.

The Songlines Music Award winner has performed with prominent Korean musicians as well as many major UK artists, such as Kathryn Tickell, Tim Garland, John Turville, Asaf Sirkis, and Gwilym Simcock.

Their storming international debut Mask Dance (ACT) earnt them a 2018 Songlines Music Award, their performance being a highlight of the ceremony and a true representation of what the band describe as ‘borderless contemporary Korean music’. Their second album Karma has just been released and features a track, ‘Exit Music – For a Film’ that was created in collaboration with Radiohead.

The Execution

The Impact

This digital content was used for archiving and marketing purposes and as promotional material in the press and on social media feeds for all associated companies.

‘Brave and intriguing performance with throbbing electronica, wailing flutes and an ancient zither’ 

The Guardian

An engaging exploration of what can be achieved by bringing ancient and modern into creative fusion’


Black String play a riveting, hauntingly epic, sold-out show’

New York Music Daily

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