The Pico Players



The Pico Players performed in Cadogan Hall for their fifth-anniversary celebration. We were tasked with photographing the performance for future promotional material.


Established in 2014 by Patrick Massey and Rosie Wintour, the Pico Players have quickly grown to become one of London’s leading amateur orchestras, raising over £60,000 for charity to date. Proceeds from this concert went to A Choir With No Name.

As befitting a celebration, the program included Gershwin’s ever-popular Rhapsody in Blue and Turina’s sizzling Danzas fantásticas which together make a flashy prelude to Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony.

Turina Danzas fantásticas
Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4


The brilliant Kazakh-British pianist Dina Duisen performed the Gershwin. It was Dina’s second appearance at Cadogan Hall following her acclaimed performance in the dramatised concert ‘Byron: Angel & Outcast’ in October 2018.


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