Great Yorkshire Fringe – Returning 2019


The Great Yorkshire Fringe is back and bigger and better than ever!

Over the last five years, comedy, cabaret, theatre and music has flourished in Yorkshire all thanks to this key summer event. It continues to grow with the city, engage with residents, visitors, support local businesses and encourage tourism for the wider area.

This year there are even more performers, shows and food with extra venues added to hold everyone in. A video and series of photographs were required to sum up the fun.


Working with Mobius Industries we travelled up to York and captured the atmosphere of the 2018 event. We spoke to the artists and members of the public and filmed a selection from the shows. We delivered the photographs last year which have already been used as promotional material on websites and social feeds.


The created content was used to document the event and was used in press and promotional material for all associated companies.

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