K Music Festival 2018


The K-Music Festival is back, returning this autumn for its 5th year!’ An introduction to music from Korea, with distinct and electrifying events from all across the musical spectrum. Each performer explores new boundaries within their particular genre, and although the artists share a common culture and identity, they certainly aren’t bound by this. Their sound and approach is global and therefore it is fitting that the festival supports them as they cement their place on the world stage.”


Hoseong Yong
Korean Cultural Centre UK



Ensemble E-Do

Urban Sounds

Ahn Sook-Sun: Pansori Concert

The Near East Quartet + Kyungso Park

Youn Sun Nah + Hyelim Kim & Alice Zawadzki

A thirty second cut of the main trailer was also created to display on the screens throughout the Southbank Centre. It focused on the performances that were being hosted in the Purcell Room and be in keeping with the colour scheme that the Southbank Centre uses.

Using previously filmed footage given to us from the various artists we cut the above trailers to give a taste of each of the performances and the details for how to book.


These videos are being used for marketing purposes will be shared on social media feeds of associated companies.

Find out more and buy tickets here

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