Charles Travers – A Spotlight.


SEO specialist and director of the award-winning Finetune Digital, Charles Travers helps companies get more business from Google & other major search engines.

He also knows the importance of video, photography and how your online presence is perceived. He needed a catalogue of different images that capture his personality and outlook on life.

We took a trip down to the Southbank as there are a multitude of great backdrops to convey moods and contrast against the clothing choices.
‘Lots of companies think of SEO as an afterthought but is should be in the forefront of people’s minds when advertising their business.’
We learned about Charles’ ethos and how he wants to take away the mystery behind SEO and make it easy for everyone to achieve higher rankings in google search results.
Charles will be using a selection of these photos in his online marketing, blog posts and social media feeds.

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