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Cadogan Hall Photographs


Cadogan Hall is a 950-seat capacity concert hall in Sloane Terrace, Chelsea and owned by the Cadogan Estate. We recently had the opportunity to create a library of photographs documenting the venue for marketing, archiving and technical purposes.


Below is a selection of the final images captured. Along with these images, a portrait of Cadogan Hall was also created.

The Auditorium

Cadogan Hall has set the scene for a number of notable performances that have secured it’s reputation as a permanent fixture in musical history and the landscape of London.

The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, London Chamber Orchestra and the Orpheus Sinfona, to name but a few, have performed on the stage and it is also the recording venue for The Proms chamber music concerts. Contemporary performance has flourished from the likes of Dave Gilmour, Kelly Jones and Skunk Anansie. Comedy and discussions have also taken centre stage, with speakers such as Nicole Kidman, John Cleese and Question Time with the BBC.

One of the earliest performances included Sir Patrick Stuart and Dame Judi Dench reading their favourite Shakespearean pieces, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who have been granted residency at the hall since it opened just over ten years ago.

‘Breakout rooms’ accompany the auditorium – adaptable spaces that include the main foyer, Culford Room, Oakley Room and Caversham Room. All these areas have hosted a plethora of cocktails, product launches, trade exhibitions, AGM’s and dining experiences.

The Culford Room

The largest of the three rooms, the Culford Room is the first port of call for an attendee of Cadogan Hall. A full-service bar has recently been added to accompany a welcome desk and standing and seated tables.

The Caversham Room

A piano in the corner, a large screen on the wall, this room has hosted lectures, presentations and meetings, and is regularly used as a quieter spot to take refreshment as it is separate from the activities of the Culford room.

The Oakley Bar

A bar that has been used for private receptions. If an event in the Culford or Oakley Room room needs to double down on facilities, this room with accompanying servery below has been regularly used as ‘reinforcements.’

Cloakroom and Dressing Room One

‘Out to Lunch’ – Event Setup in the Culford Room

Every year the ‘Out to Lunch’ series of free concerts is performed at Cadogan Hall. The music is usually a line up of jazz artists accompanied by lunch time refreshments. The Culford room has the technical capability to host such and event which adds to the versatility of the space. It is a jam-packed staple of Cadogan Hall.


The hall is noted for its original stained glass windows.

General Exterior

Originally built as the First Church of the Christ, Scientist, this Grade II listed building was completed in 1907 to designs in the Byzantine Revival style by architect Robert Fellowes Chisholm.

By 1996, the congregation had diminished dramatically and the building fell into disuse. Mohamed Fayed, the then owner of Harrods, had acquired the property but was unable to secure permission to convert the building to a palatial luxury house on account of its status as a listed building. Cadogan Estates Ltd (the property company owned by Earl Cadogan whose ancestors have been the main landowners in Chelsea since the 18th century) purchased the building in 2000.
It was refurbished in 2004 by Paul Davis and Partners architects at a cost of £7.5 million. The changes included new lighting and sound systems, along with bespoke acoustic modules in the performance space.

Top of the Tower

The views out from the bell tower are a sight rarely seen as it is not open to the public. London looks spectacular.

The Surrounding Area of Sloane Square


The resulting images plus many more have created a snapshot of Cadogan Hall in 2017. They will be used in promotional material on the websites and social feeds, posters and for the company’s affiliates.

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