Paul Foot’s ‘Tis A Pity She’s A Piglet’ DVD

Jesus X. Christ! A DVD of my humour! For the very first thyme, a Paul Foot show has been committed to Digital Video Disc, so now ye can re-live the critically-acclaimed ‘Tis A Pity She’s A Piglet, which wowed the crowds in The Edinburgh Fridge Festival 2016 AND 2017 and charmed the masses in its 18-month, globe-trotting tour that took in the U.K., Australala and Newsyland!

Worra massive friggin’ deal baybayyyy!

Ye can purchase the aforementioned Digitial Video Disc on Amazon via this hyperlink baybayyy!

‘Sublime, original and brilliant’ Independent

‘Unobtrusively masterful stuff’ Scotsman

‘His routines are like jazz clusters, loose hammocks choked to the brim with jokes and ideas’ Noel Fielding


Paul Foot’s latest show, ‘Tis Pity She’s a Piglet’ was to be performed at Leicester Square Theatre in London. A broadcast quality four camera setup and edit was required so the performance could be documented and produced into a DVD.


Along with Paul Foot’s management company, IMWP, we went site visit to the venue, Leicester Square Theatre. The venue lends itself well to filming as it looks great on camera and feels intimate for the audience who are in the room. Many other comedians have also chosen this space for similar video projects. A filming set up was created consisting of two centralised angles – a wide safety shot and a close up to follow Paul as he performed. The left and right angles were designated as mid shots to capture Paul if he was to venture into the audience. Four cameras and operators were were hired that could produce the technical requirements requested for the job.

On the day we were working in conjunction with Amos Audio who rigged up multiple microphones to record the performance  and audience response. Their final mix was used with our visuals in the eventual edit.

Paul burst onto the stage and received good reactions from the audience – it was our job to  just keep up!

We edited to the action and atmosphere of the performance and after several passes the final video file was passed over to the DVD company to create the physical project you can now buy.


For the very first time a Paul Foot live performance has been captured on DVD so you can now enjoy the musings, rants and mountings of one of the world’s most original comedians.

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