Luke Toddfrey

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is four acres of Eden. The cobbled path, moved by roots and lined with a forest of mahogany leads you through the lush and tropical landscape. An exotic animal calls in the not too distant vicinity. You very well might be in Jurassic Park.

As I walked into this scene from a movie I was so excited to see three particularly large tortoises who all were clamouring to come and say hello. All the animals here are wild and can come and go as they please, they just choose to stay as they like the environment as much as we did. We spent some time with them and moved on to find one million more tortoises at every turn. Each one seemed as they they wanted to greet and follow us, although they couldn’t quite keep up. The deer and peacock could and they accompanied us along the path until we got to the monkeys.

It was feeding time. An amazing place.

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