TV Presenter Training

We provided photographs for this one day television presenter course that launched in the last weekend of March 2015.

More dates are available via the website

Areas covered in this course:

  • Autocue training
  • Familiarization with ‘in-ear’ talkback
  • Scripting practicewrite your own links
  • Voice and posture coaching
  • Interview technique
  • Professional photography
  • A full make-up session by Ellie Y

Each of the six students took away a selection of their photos their filmed footage to use as part of their presenter showreel. The weekend was fully booked up and very successful.

“Having such a wide variety of presenting exercises I feel like I found my style and my voice which was lovely- and it all felt very easy and natural. I loved how professional and high-end the course was. Ashlie and Wes really know their stuff and gave wonderfully constructive and supportive feedback- I feel like I have been given a great window into how presenting for tv works and my confidence is sky high”  Hannah Wilder

“Ashlie and Wes passing on their diverse experience in a professional studio is priceless for instilling confidence in ones presenting skills- more fun than I expected” Arkem Mark Walton

“Great professional training, in great facilities and with unexpected extras! The numbers were small, there was great feedback and it was def great value for money!” Sally Cancello

“amazing… run by a very professional team. Great start to a presenter career!”  Maja Bloom

“A thoroughly enjoyable day- I achieved much more than I thought I would with the help of great professionals, Thank you!” Katy Dower

There two more are available dates, Sunday April 26th and Sunday May 17th. The price is £295 per person. For more details please go to the website.

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