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Commissioned by Victoria Bid for SWFEST as part of the Cultural Olympiad, UNTitled Theatre in collaboration with movement director Jennifer Malarkey created a seemingly impromptu Flash Waltz for Westminster Cathedral Square.  Inspired by the tea dances of the 1900’s, UNTitled Theatre worked with elderly members from communities all over London to create a joyful and romantic waltz outside the front of Westminster Cathedral for unsuspecting passers by.

As you can see, everyone came together and forgot the hustle bustle of London for a moment and enjoyed the company of each other whilst enlightening everybody’s day. This project happened in July 2012 and was organised in conjunction with Ideas Tap.

Here is one of our most recent videos…

This is a project that has happened regularly  for the last 6 years, and it’s most recent incarnation was also partly due to Ideas Tap. Each year the Story Project is responsible for a torrent of new talent onto the scene whilst being and exercise of craft for existing professionals. All with the aim of presenting a well told story. A good evening out.

If you haven’t heard, Ideas Tap is having to close it’s doors and stop funding projects such as the ones that we have been lucky enough to be involved with. You can find out why here.

A reaction to this has rippled through the artistic community and can be summed up in articles such as herehere and here. All of this has led to a petition that can be signed here,

Go to for more information.

Save Ideas Tap

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