Luke Toddfrey

The Coveryard at Trinity Buoy Wharf, May 2014

The Coveryard’s latest outing saw a night hosted at the Chainstore at Trinity Buoy Wharf, the East London dock home to London’s only remaining lighthouse. Over four hundred people came to experience the evening, food and drink were consumed as the sun went down over the skyscrapers of London and then the music began.

Alongside familiar tracks reinvented in striking new performances, the 22-piece orchestra and choir accompanied the original material performed by Denai MooreSam Brookes and D/C, three of the most exciting emerging artists from the folk, electronica, and alternative spheres. It was truly an atmospheric night to remember. See our complete set of photos of the night below.

 The Coveryard @ Trinity Buoy Wharf

For exclusive behind the scenes rehearsal shots, click here.

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