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John Newman & Chasing Grace performing for HP Connect Music

John Newman & Chasing Grace for HP Connect Music

HP Connect Music offers streaming services and more from possibly the biggest music label in the world, Universal. The label’s portfolio features a huge array of artists, spanning multiple genres and across decades, with more than 53% of the current singles chart populated with Universal-signed musicians, just for starters.

Customers who pick up a new HP device will have to register their product with HP Connected Music, after which they’ll then be able to stream ad-free music from UMG’s vast library. What’s more every 30 days, users can download a maximum of ten tracks which they can keep indefinitely. The streaming service is free for 90 days, after which access is revoked but the other element to the service remains active. Users will be given the opportunity to enter exclusive competitions by which they could potentially meet their favourite artists, see them record their latest songs, win all-expenses-paid trips to glamorous locations and get VIP access to exclusive gigs.

Earlier this March we were invited to the latest of these gigs at Cafe De Paris in the heart of London. First we had access to HP’s latest range including the HP ENVY Rove and the HP ENVY Recline, followed by an exclusive chat with John Newman. He came across as a good genuine musician, still in awe of his musical inspirations and grateful for the opportunities that his rising star is giving him.

Chasing Grace were his support who gave it 110 – rocking out the room to a good standard, the crowd gave a good response and this band are definitely on their way up. But this was an invited audience, who had all queued for John Newman and so after a short break, he blasted on the stage and they all went crazy….

John Newman & Chasing Grace for HP Connect Music


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