BOXJOX Performance – The Ultimate Support Act.

Women, more than men, tend to understand the value of clothes that fit and support you well. This is mainly due to their need for a well-fitted bra which, for many women, remains unrealised for a number of reasons.

At the other end of the human body, we also value well-fitted and supportive shoes which, again, is another area where women fully understand the issues, given the literal balancing act that is required to wear some high heels for any length of time. Where men and women both seek out supportive shoes is in sportswear, because the majority of sports depend on the shoes providing the basis of your performance. Pounding the streets whilst in training brings home just how much of a pounding your feet are taking too. Analyse a good running shoe and you will see how much technology has gone into the design to minimise shock transference through offering a well-cushioned interior that also supports the arch.

Why is it then that for a key part of the male anatomy the jockstrap went out of fashion? It’s just possible that the surgical and slightly embarrassing associations of the awkward-looking garment that is the jockstrap, made it somewhat unappealing as well as it being uncomfortable to wear.  But the male anatomy has not changed and the benefit of such support is understood. In part, close fitting underwear was considered good enough for most men when playing sport and unless you also needed to wear a box/cup, the jockstrap became largely irrelevant. Latterly compression sports underwear has been deemed to provide ‘sufficient’ support but, if you look at those designs, most focus on what the garment is doing in relation to heat and sweat management, as well as wrapping around the major leg and thigh muscles. In the groin area, the material tends to stretch across the body, without too much thought being applied to cradling or supporting the genitalia. Some flat seams do look like they may offer some support, but the way they are constructed means that in fact they stretch just as much as the base material offering little, if any, structure to the garment, other than to connect the separate sections.

Women tend to take more notice of the way a bra, particularly a sports bra, is constructed in order to get the right fit and experience, whereas a man – assuming he buys his own underwear, is likely to check the size, colour and price and unless there is a specific additional design feature required, that’s as much due diligence that he’ll make before purchasing the said product. However, like the decision process in choosing sports shoes, men become more engaged in such choices when it comes to their sports equipment; a well designed, technologically advanced compression baselayer is something that they are more conscious of. It is this interest in the technology of what they intend to wear that BOXJOX Performance is designed to also appeal to, but the wearing experience is also aimed at being a significant improvement over lesser, non-supportive alternatives.

In short, BOXJOX Performance is designed to offer support and compression in comfort.

To date, our on-going feedback tells us that BOXJOX Performance is meeting these objectives and we look forward to building our design, technology and ideas into more advanced garments in the near future.

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